The Team
"Individually, we are one drop.
Together we are an ocean."



The Business Team

"There are no secrets to success.

It is a result of preparation, hard work, and learning from mistakes."

~Colin Powell

Jamie Brownlee

VP of Business and Operations

Prior to working with Trailhead, Jamie Brownlee spent 15 years in higher educational institutions working her way from administrative assistant to Academic Director.  She has encountered every problem with facing change from working through it as a team to systemic obstacles holding an organization from reinvention.  Jamie has vast experience internationally with developing teams for specific missions while also debriefing with those teams for the healthy growth of each individual.  

Jamie has found that in working with many organizations and councils, those committed to being “Learning Organizations,” foster the deepest loyalty and by extension productivity of their teams.  Learning Organizations capitalize on their human resources by emphasizing the development of the individual and the team, as a integral part of the work of the organization.

Her HR work has focused in two directions 1) developing the individual through personality assessments, professional reviews, coaching, and strategic plans for personal/professional growth and 2) developing the team through professional development around trust, respect, communication, and collaboration. Jamie has worked with teams of all sizes, goals, and issues and has conducted sessions as both director of her own team and consultant to other teams.

Jamie feels passionately about the future of education and it’s successful models with the advanced opportunities brought about through technology.  Both online education as a model and curriculum designed to utilize the most advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are changing the way learning can take place.  Combined with current and future research around the Cognitive Science of Learning, Jamie knows the trends are changing and she plans to be on the front side that amazing tidal wave of change.  

Priding herself on being a change agent, Jamie is currently completing a PhD in Organizational Leadership with a focus in Human Resource Management.  Her expertise is an integral part of both Trailhead Enterprises, the company, and the projects they are working on, specifically as they plan for supporting the paradigm shift of learning that takes place as an exclusively online experience. 

"I am thrilled about the opportunity to work for an organization like Trailhead.  Aside from the values and mission that support children and future generations, Trailhead cares about the people it employs.  There is a holistic approach to personal, professional, and team development.  That approach partners with learning organization strategies, Trailhead sets itself apart from any other organization both in the field and out of it."

Nick Doolittle

Business Coordinator - STEM Individual & Organizational partnerships

Nick earned his B.S. in Earth Science with a concentration in Environmental Geology from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 2005.  He enjoyed learning about the Earth’s History, it’s systems, and how humans interact with the natural world enough to travel to Central America and explore the very coastlines and volcanoes he’d been studying.  Nick began his real-world learning through a marketing and promotions position for Premium Beer Distributor, Straub.  Since childhood it had been one of his dreams to live on a tropical Island, so he moved to the Big Island of Hawaii and worked at Island Naturals Pahoa, a local health food store, managing inventory.  His proudest accomplishment was keeping the business in the black for five years. Recently his business experience has expanded to sales through Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation.

“When Jill contacted me about this project, I was ecstatic to work with this forward-thinking organization and draw on my science background and business expertise to create a niche in the modern world.  I agree with Trail head!  The way we choose to educate our young is not ideal; it’s minimal at best.  This is why I want to be involved, to create a better learning environment where children and parents are empowered to discover the world around them.  My goal is to contribute what I have learned in order to inspire others to want to learn about the amazing mysteries of life.” 

The Research Team
"Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought. "

~Albert Szent-Byorgyi
(Hungarian Biochemist - 1937 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine)

Rachel Rice
Rachel Rice earned her bachelors in Theater, completed a teaching program to teach high school English, and is one step short of finishing her doctorate at USD (University of San Diego) in the area of teaching as a profession.  She is a masterful educator understanding the politics of a school, the research of learning, and the heart of students; as well as a professional researcher able to observe and analyze the nuances of qualitative data. Rachel conducts her own off-the-record research projects with her own two daughters and enjoys her extra minutes with her husband.  

Caleb Brown
Data Visualization Specialist Caleb Brown found a scholarly career through the entertainment business. Six years of casual study in narrative theory and neuroscience led him to apply cognitive science to film viewing in his “How to Watch a Movie” seminar. He teaches his seminar quarterly at Warner Bros. Now he’s engaged in dedicated study in Cognitive Linguistics, studying how metaphors, gesture analysis, and narrative form the core of education.

The Creative Team

"Those who tell the stories, rule society."

Davis Vu
A graduate from Cal Arts, Davis has worked at many studios including Warner Bros. and Imagi as a storyboard artist on feature films.  He also has experience in animation, visual development, and writing.  He was recently a Creative Director at Little Lives in producing, directing, and writing 25 educational we-episodes for Singapore.  He currently is the founder of Animation Aquarium, a storyboard lecturer at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, a toy designer at the largest toy retails in Singapore (minitoons), and storyboard artist at Tiny Island Productions.  Davis is currently also directing and developing 2 short films along with his own television series.  He is a serious and ambitious worker, but his main goal is to serve everyone around him so that everyone is learning and getting better. His vision is to create a non-profit organization for children to have an opportunity to discover their talents ant to find their identity in a world where everyone is trying to be someone else.  Davis strives to do this with animation as the medium to connect children from around the world. 

"I want to work at Trailhead first and foremost because of what the company and people stand for.  Their desire to reach out to children to educate them through characters, heart-based morals, and unforgettable stories makes me want to be a part of this team.  With no desire for monetary fortune or fame, the company simply just wants to share with kids knowledge that will help each and every child.  The pursuit of Trailhead to accomplish this makes it a company that is a rare combination of integrity, honesty, and love.  While many companies are trying to find out how to earn an extra dollar.  Trailhead tries to find out how they can make their product better for the kids.  With the amazing crew Jill has put together, it's only a matter to time before things start happening.  I wouldn't be surprised if "Maggie, Mike, and Bunsen" is the next big thing."

Karen Huseby 
Writing Director 

Raised and still residing in Culver City, CA, "The Heart of Screenland", Karen continues to pursue her passion and strength in writing for film, academic research, and educating youth. She brings over ten years of experience in both the fields of education and entertainment. She recently completed her MA at Loyola Marymount University, and currently teaches at an ipad distinguished school in Orange County. Other than writing, she enjoys movies, concerts, singing karaoke, and Steampunk. All other spare moments are spent with her beloved niece and nephews. Karen believes that the technological world can influence the development of story and voice. 

"I am thrilled to work for Trailhead Enterprises because of it's commitment to learning, quality, and development.  I am delighted to be supported in the endeavor to motivate children and innovate education.  I am pleased to be surrounded by such a capable staff with tremendous work ethic, impeccable character, and stellar creativity.  I am excited to participate in a company that is good for the people who make the product and the people who utilize it."

Lara Sumera
Live-Action Producer 

Lara Sumera was always in love with stories and story-telling, and from a very young age she wanted to write.  At 7-years-old, she would make up stories about monsters and far away lands and heroes, illustrate her own books-made-out-of-folded-paper, and give them as presents to her family.  Always a writer first, she ventured into the theater world in high school as a stage manager, and took it to professional children’s musical theater in college to pay the bills.  She knew she wanted to be a part of the world of the arts somewhere, somehow, and was fascinated with how people, especially herself, could be so impacted by the visual arts.

"Three things have attracted me to Trailhead and it's first project, MMB.  1) The innovation of bringing something new to the table for not only children's TV, but education -- media literacy is so important to me, and it moves me to see fellow media makers understand the power and impact of media on society.  2) The characters, show, book, curriculum...all of which this property entails, gets me so excited to be a part of creating it.   I want MY kids to one day have MMB available to them.  3) The Trailhead Team.  Jill has been working on this property for years, and in the brief 2, that I have been involved, I've been given a sense of purpose and family.  Jill has created the "tribe" unit in both her company and her property.  I like being a part of this Tribe as our little community creates a bigger community of eager little scientists and engineers."

Chris Porter 
Sound Director and Composer

Chris Porter’s music ranges from concert and experimental works to songs for children's theater and educational programming. His concert works have been performed around the country – including the 2010 GLOW Festival on the Santa Monica Pier where the Machine Project commissioned a piece for performance on the pier's carousel.  Chris' work for film has ranged from dramas to comedies. His music has been featured in award-winning animations, such as Piece of Cake which was a finalist for the 2010 Student Academy Awards, as well as live-action films, like Playing House for which the score was nominated for Best Original Score for a Short Film at the 2011 Detroit Independent Film Festival. Most recently, Chris has been given the role of Sound Production Supervisor and Composer for Little Lives, a webseries designed as a classroom educational aid on a variety of subjects (from counting to earth sciences).

"I believe that a good story, well-told, is the key to reaching people on an emotional and intellectual level—regardless if the story is an abstract musical piece, a carefully crafted film, or an intricately written novel. My passion for stories, music, and education will continue to guide my work and future pursuits."

Megan Hughes 
Art Director and Illustrator

Megan Hughes is an artist and animator.  She graduated from California Institute of the Arts in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Character Animation.  She has worked on a variety of independent animated films, most recently working with Thomas Demand on a stop motion project revolving around paper-made everyday items.  In her spare time, Megan is creating her own paper cutout illustrations, and working on finishing her short film, “To Life.

"I have always had a passion for inspiring the imagination of children and adults alike.  I believe that images can transcend language, and my work actively attempts to communicate with children on their own level.  Through my illustrations and films, I want to instill in my audience not only a love of art, but also of learning."

Victor Ho 

A Biola University graduate, Victor Ho is a writer and producer. During his years as a missionary kid in Asia, he watched a lot of American movies. Those magical experiences in a cold dark theatre sparked his interest in visual storytelling and led him to a screenwriting path. He also dabbled in acting appearing in television shows, commercials, and stage plays before deciding to focus on writing. He has worked with independent producers and production companies in the development of feature, documentary, and short film projects. His mission is to tell spectacular stories. When he is not writing, he enjoys swing dancing and traveling around the world.

"Trailhead Enterprises fosters an innovative spirit and encourages a creative voice. The creative team are collaborative and constantly discovering new challenges. It's quality education meets smart technology. That's the type of forward-thinking company I admire."

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