"The rate at which an organization and the individuals in that organization learn is the competitive edge of that company."

~Professor David Garvin, Harvard Business School

The work of our Research is two-fold.
1) It is a high priority to us that these products impact our learner/players'  engagement, interest, and identity, develop their understanding and use of tools (including conceptual), and empower our target audience to action. Thus we test each revision of our product to assure this is our outcome.

2) It is import to us to contribute to the existing body of research around learning, engagement, assessment, and technological applications. Thus we conduct longitudinal studies with our products to see the long term impact on our target audience.
These are done in collaboration with higher educational institutions (TBD) and are for the betterment of learning and educational opportunities for our NET generation and our future.

It is our goal to share with you what we learn as we learn it. Therefore we blog our findings (both in professional language and simple terms) as we
  • Review literature (previous research)
  • Run surveys, interviews and testing
  • Determine implications
Enjoy our Research Blog, "Let's Learn Together." Some of our blog entries are below, while the entire blog can be found at http://www.trailheadresearch.wordpress.com
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