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Publications - Help us by purchasing our first book, now available for soft-back purchase at lulu purchase.  The audiobook is below. Enjoy listening to the tools as they help Bessie.

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Tester - As our project moves to the prototype and research phase we will need testers of all ages (children, parents, and educators).  Partner with us in the testing of the learning space.

Development - As our project moves into full-scale research and development we will have a Parent / Educator Consortium to give feedback, share their unique disability stories, 

Production - As our project moves into full-scale production we will need children, parents, educators, and other professionals to be in our live-action segments.

Investor - Initially, we need small investors to help us develop and build prototype #2 - digital sample Training Room.  We also need equity investors to help us develop and build the entire game space. For information about our business plan contact Executive Producer Jill Brownlee Wolf at

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