The Trailhead Mission
Integrating entertainment media, gaming principles, and cutting edge technology, Trailhead exists to build capacity for and usher in a new learning paradigm to educate and empower this next generation's voice.

The Trailhead  Vision
Trailhead Enterprises is an LLC owned by Jill Brownlee Wolf and operated, at present, in California.  

Trailhead’s vision is to shift and support a learning paradigm through the development of  21st century learning tools using 1) story and game for the modeling of socially responsible uses of knowledge 2) advanced Information Communication Technology  (ICT) principles for the assessment and the individualization per learner 3) current technology for the accessibility and creative opportunity 4) subject area integration for the real-life connections of concepts, people, problems, and choices and 5) the virtual world and game space to allow learners the chance to learn through their own choices and mistakes, to share their learning with others, to generate content to teach others, and to communicate with mentors, collaborators, and the world.

Objective #1 - We research, develop, produce, facilitate, and distribute new learning tools.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum/Games
  • User Professional Development
  • Leadership Professional Development

Objective #2 - We research, develop, and establish new learning environments.
  • Partnerships with industry
  • Internships
  • Flexible Learning Environments

We believe the foundation of quality learning must revise the 3R’s of learning to

Relevance -
From contexts to technology, the topics and tools of learning experiences must be current for learning to be relevant.

Rigor -
Simple tasks are insulting to a learner whereas complex problem-solving for the survival of nations stimulates a commitment to tackle the difficult. Rigor respects a learner, requires creativity and engagement, and demands they use knowledge as a tool for a bigger problem; making the task and journey worth the investment while also making the learner feel necessary, capable, and important.

Relationship -
Everyone and everything is connected. Therefore it is imperative that learning experiences show the relationship between ideas, people, and choices.

The Trailhead Values - 
Trailhead’s values begin with relevance. In a world where one is looking for purpose and identity we will stand out as an authentic and genuine place to find your voice.  

Responsibility - we take care of others because we can.
Excellence - we displace mediocrity with a commitment to quality.
Learner - we adopt a Life-long attitude of reflection and willingness to see every opportunity as a learning experience.
Ever-grateful - we recognize our privilege and compassionately reach out of to share it.
Voice - we facilitate the finding and action of an individual's unique place in this world.
Adventure - we accept the risks of pursuing our heart's desire in both this virtual world and our real one.
Narrative - we tell stories and our learners create stories of those who discover, overcome, and love. 
Tribe - We are home, because everyone deserves to be loved.

Trailhead Enterprises was born in the heart of Jill Brownlee Wolf as she observed teenagers cross her path that lacked purpose. They held privilege they didn’t understand, were confused by seemingly irrelevant instruction, and fascinated by games that challenged their minds more than any classroom assignment. Jill wanted to use stories and current technology to help children discover who they could become, how what they are learning could be a relevant tool for their journey, and why action to help those in need could make them matter.

Trailhead believes educators need relevant 21st century tools (like curricula), implementation support, professional development through the paradigm shift, and celebration of progress and success. They need to see that their present best could be better with better tools. They need to see that their paradigm is outdated and that shifting is hard, but necessary, and with support, it is reasonably painless. And they need to feel that this effort is appreciated.

Trailhead is committed to being relevant to a world in need of authenticity and genuine grace.
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